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Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Renewable energy resources exist over wide geographical areas, in contrast to other energy sources, which are concentrated in a limited number of countries. Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency is resulting in significant energy security, climate change mitigation, and economic benefits.

With the mission of building green world by creating healthy and sustainable communities and energize the same by renewable resources to provide green and clean energy, Clean Effentech Pvt Ltd was started. LTD is a energy solutions company with a vast product portfolio and solutions expertise. Today, CEF comes with varied and vast experience as the promoters have not only set up large scale power plants, steel plants, etc.

CEF earnestly believes in basic fundamental business principles, which have continuous improvements as our moral obligations. We pledge for development, growth and innovation based on basic values of vital business ethics, which are dedication, sincerity, honesty and commitment. A young India, with a large skilled human force is creating a revolution across the world. We are building the skills and capacities necessary to drive innovation, thus becoming a country of tomorrow Read More.

Renewable Energy.

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Designed By : Creative Imaginator.In his introductory remarks, Mr Marinescu MEP stressed that with the Green Deal all modes of transport will be under severe pressure to decarbonise. He highlighted that without sufficient funding it would be difficult to achieve the ambitious decarbonisation and modal shift targets. He also emphasised the need to strike the right balance between economic, social and climate objectives. Ms Ryckbost noted that the CEF instrument has proven to be a financial instrument delivering highly added value and will be instrumental in the decarbonisation of the European transport sector.

She added that the EU climate targets, as well as the ambitions of the new European Green Deal, can only be met if all transport modes continued to invest in greener technologies, while optimising, digitalising and completing the European TEN-T Network by Mr Mats Rosenqvist, Director External Research Collaboration at the Volvo Grouppresented European efforts for the development and deployment of automated freight transport, noting that CEF was very useful in bringing results from research onto real customers and users.

He pointed out that the deployment of smart, electric and autonomous multimodal transport systems required harmonisation, standardisation, regulation and certification, as well as appropriate funding to prepare infrastructure, i. Asked about the gap between the technology readiness for deployment and the lacking regulatory framework at EU level, Mr Rosenqvist argued that collaboration was crucial in order to bridge this gap.

Besides investment in intermodal terminals, last mile infrastructure, rail freight corridors, inter-operability investment is specifically required for electrifying further rail tracks and the deployment of ERTMS. He noted that the TEN-T revision would be a significant step up, with a particular focus on the cross-border connectivity, missing links, alternative fuels, rail freight, high-speed rail, inland waterways, investments in the lacking terminal capacity and more emphasis on developing the comprehensive network.

Within the Commission, the new European Green Deal raised the level of urgency to decarbonise transport. During the discussion that followed, participants stressed that it was instrumental to secure support among the Member States to ensure sufficient funding for smart and sustainable transport projects in the future. Mr Marinescu MEP summarised the debate and warned against overly ambitious green measures without ensuring appropriate financing.

The press release is available here. The European Logistics Platform consists of more than twenty industry stakeholders representing a wide variety of actors involved in logistics and supply chains across Europe. Contact Members Join. Share this event.It has programs established in all US states and countries, with full-time workers in the US, an estimated 40, volunteers in the US and Canada, and over 1, missionaries overseas, approximately 1, of them nationals [ vague ].

During the reporting year ending Decemberthey reported teaching more than Both of these programs involve training members from various evangelical churches to effectively teach children in homes, neighborhood centers and schools. On June 11, the USA Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing Good News Clubs to meet in public elementary schools after school hours, based on equal access and protection from viewpoint discrimination.

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Currently, there are Good News Clubs in over public elementary schools. CYIA is a program operating all around America that trains teenagers to organize games and to interact with children, as well as to effectively teach children Bible stories, missionary stories, Bible verses, and the Wordless Book. CYIA is typically taught during the summer months at a camp or retreat where the teens are instructed and spend time practicing before teaching to younger children at 5-Day Clubs during the remainder of the Summer.

The 'Children's Ministries Institute' is CEF's official training institute, and it holds week training sessions in at least 15 countries every year including two on the CEF campus just west of St. Louis, Missouri. The organization has various outreach programs for children, and it provides classes to train its workers and other Christians who are tasked with evangelizing children.

Additionally, CEF Press produces and distributes Bible and missionary lessons and related teaching materials, and it promotes evangelistic tools such as the Wordless Book. It was renamed the Truth Chasers Club in Lessons are available for every age group of children and for adults as well. The program is staffed primarily by volunteers who come from all over the country to help with the work.

Hundreds of thousands of students have enrolled in the program and more than 10, lessons are graded and mailed on a normal week [ citation needed ]. The program is used by several other organizations as a discipleship program for the children whom they reach. Children are enrolled from around the world.

InElk River, Minnesota 's board of education prohibited Child Evangelism Fellowship from distributing materials during open houses in that district's schools. CEF took the matter to the U. She went on to say that the school district could still prevent the group from distributing materials if it adopted a policy of closing the schools to all such groups, which the school district did in March, In her book The Good News Club: The Christian Right's Stealth Assault on America's Childrenjournalist Katherine Stewart criticizes various practices of the Good News Club after-school Bible study program, including young participants being rewarded for recruiting friends of other faiths and denominations whose parents have not enrolled them in the program.

She also claimed in an article in The Guardian that the lesson plan for the Old Testament narrative in 1 Samuel 15, describing the divinely-ordered slaughter of the Amalekites, is used to justify genocide. The story of Saul and the Amalekites 1 Samuel is found in any version or edition of the Bibles of the Jewish, Catholic and Protestant faiths since the first manuscripts were inscribed.

Only a misinterpretation of the cited passage could be used to buttress genocide. The goal of Child Evangelism Fellowship is the proper teaching of this passage, which is not an instruction in genocide. Though truly many brutal acts appear in both the Old and New Testaments, including the torture and crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans, nothing could be more un-Christian than the promotion of genocide of any group of human beings under the New Covenant introduced to the world by Jesus Christ.

CEF and the Good News Clubs would never teach children that God would instruct them, or anyone today, to commit genocide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.We promise you an exceptional weekend which will inform you of all the Lord is doing in and through the ministry of CEF. Please plan to arrive on Thursday afternoon, April When you arrive you will be greeted by our staff who will have refreshments to rejuvenate you from your journey.

Dinner will be served at 6pm followed by a short program.

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Please peruse the following information to see all that is in store. We promise you will be glad you joined us in Dana Point. We look forward to your fellowship. Richard has traveled the globe proclaiming the Good News and is a leader in Great Commission ministry. He has been instrumental in casting vision for great growth in the region and for opening many of the countries to CEF ministry.

He spent many years in the pastorate prior to coming into CEF and he now travels throughout the region encouraging the CEF family and helping them plan strategically for reaching the generation to come. Emmy nominated, Marty Goetz has been called a modern day psalmist.

His songs are scriptures beautifully set to music, leaving listeners spiritually moved, inspired and educated. For the past 30 years Reese has served as the president of Child Evangelism Fellowship without compensation. God has used his vision and leadership to help CEF grow to nearly every country of the world. Moises works directly with our eight regional directors to plan for and promote growth of the worldwide ministry. Moises will share his passion for the ministry and help explain the strategy of train, equip and support which has resulted in exponential growth in the number of children reached.

CEF can provide shuttle service from John Wayne to and from the hotel.

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Beginning with Thursday night dinner, your meals will be provided with the exception of lunch on Saturday. On Saturday you can choose to dine at one of the on property restaurants or venture into town. Dress for the weekend is business casual.Skilled FEMA specialists partner with grant applicants to develop clear damage descriptions and scopes of work that capture the work needed to repair, restore or replace facilities damaged as a result of a declared disaster.

CEF is comprised of eight parts that reflect the proposed costs associated with each large project. The structure of the tool mirrors the applicant-general contractor-subcontractor relationship for eligible work.

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This user-friendly application conforms to industry standards in accordance with Public Assistance Program requirements. The Cost Estimating Tool for Engineering and Design Services provides cost curves to determine appropriate estimates associated with complex projects.

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The Expert Panel On Cost Estimating provides the historical significance of how CEF became a nationally-recognized method to developing award packages for large projects. Section e 3 of the Disaster Mitigation Act of directs FEMA to establish a methodology, consistent with industry practices, for estimating the cost to repair, restore, or replace eligible public facilities that are damaged during a major disaster.

To accomplish this objective, FEMA is directed to establish an expert panel consisting of industry, State and local representatives to develop cost estimating procedures. The below documents are Federal Emergency Management Agency summary meeting notes from the first meeting of the expert panel on cost estimating for the public assistance program.

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Skip to main content. Part A - Base construction cost for labor, equipment and materials required to perform eligible work. Part B — Costs associated with work execution such as temporary services and utilities, safety and security measures, field supervision, quality control and administrative submittals.

Part C — Construction cost contingencies such as project unknowns and complexities, and the degree of difficulty for site access, storage, and staging. Part D — Applies to contracted work for the general or prime contractor's home office overhead, insurance, bonds, and profit. Part E — Accounts for cost escalation at certain points over the duration of the project.

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Part F — Fees for building permits, plan checks and special reviews. Part G — Owner's reserve for change orders and differing site conditions. Part H — The applicant's project management and design costs.

Last Updated:.Claremont Educational Foundation collaborates with the school district and the community to assist in providing all students the best education possible. CEF exists to help Claremont schools excel because we believe that improving our schools by working to close the gap left in state funding, improves our community.

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Because education is so much more than what takes place in the classroom, we offer enrichment programs and hold community conversations about issues that affect education. With the help of volunteers, community members, and business partners, our work benefits every child at every school in the district as well as impacts the greater community of Claremont.

How We Do It In addition to our many revenue-generating programs and events, CEF relies on support from the local community as well as corporate donations to fund our successful annual gifting program.

Facebook Instagram. This helps to spread out the leadership responsibilities and ensure smooth functioning for our organization. Together we have over 11 years experience with CEF. We are the parents of 6 children in total, ranging from grade 3 to grade 12, with three who have graduated from Claremont Unified schools, and we are all long-time Claremont residents.

Why did we decide to become involved with CEF?

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All three of us have made a commitment to support quality public education in our schools because we have seen the impact of CEF first hand. Karen, beginning as a parent at Sycamore Elementary, saw how CEF dollars allowed that school to provide a high quality art and music program for its students.

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Brianna Miller, Development Manager email. Monica Olesniewicz, Development Assistant email. Claremont Educational Foundation. Inthe Claremont Educational Foundation CEF was founded for the purpose to "save our schools" during a fiscal crisis caused by state budget cuts. Since those early days, our organization has evolved, but our mission has remained the same: "to protect and enrich quality public education in Claremont through community involvement. Why We Do It CEF exists to help Claremont schools excel because we believe that improving our schools by working to close the gap left in state funding, improves our community.

Follow us on Social Media! A Message from The Presidents Hello! We hope you will join us in supporting our kids and our community! Jim Elsasser, Superintendent Dr. CEF collaborates with the school district and the community to assist in providing all students the best education possible.

We grant funds to each school throughout the district with a focus on art, music and technology enhancements. Who manages CEF? CEF is a non-profit educational foundation with a volunteer board of directors including dedicated parent volunteers, CUSD staff, and local business leaders who share their expertise in a variety of areas. These include education, finance, fundraising, business, law, events planning, community relations and communications. CEF employs two part-time staff members — Development Manager, Brianna Miller, as well as a part-time administrative assistant.

Please feel free to submit inquiries by email to info supportcef. Where does the money go?Or maybe you have an existing business that just needs an added push to really take off.

Something big. You need a lending partner that can see your future as clearly as you do. Colorado Enterprise Fund is that partner. Starting a business is one thing.

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Running it successfully is another. No other small business lender in Colorado offers all that. CEF is helping hundreds of new businesses create thousands of new jobs, which helps communities in our state to thrive. CEF fills the gap and allows so many people to launch businesses, and create jobs and opportunities for their families. CEF plays an instrumental role in ensuring that all segments of Colorado's society can participate and create opportunities for themselves, their families and communities.

CEF was the only place that would give me money. Contact Us. About Us. More than just a loan. Learn More. Are you ready? Apply Now. Invest in Colorado! Join Us. Our borrowers.

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Growing their businesses in communities across Colorado. See Our Impact. Our Investors Make Success Possible. Find Out How. Lorena Cantarovici, Founder, Maria Empanada. Susan Henderson, Founder, Boppy.

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